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Your source for 14CFR135 Certifications and Operations Support


New Certification, From Scratch

Are you next in line for Part 135 certification with the FAA, and you need clarification on what you need, what to expect, or how to go about the certification? You may be already mid-certification and on the verge of missing a deadline. In either case, the professionals at have the experience and expertise to ensure your 14CFR135 certification is successful!

Existing pt135 Operators

Have an existing certification, and you are stuck? Whether it's because of issues with the FAA or you need help to achieve your goals, the professionals at are ready and able to assist you and your team through all barriers that stand in your way to success!


Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Mergers & Integrations

Things can be challenging when evaluating an air carrier purchase. Many questions arise about how things work, what liabilities exist, and what if things go wrong. Fortunately, the professionals at successfully navigated their clients through countless acquisitions and air carrier mergers. Click the button below to schedule a free call with us. We're standing by to ensure your deal goes through as planned!

Selling and Exit Strategy Planning

Are you thinking of selling your certificated air carrier but need help with how to proceed? Don't worry; we've got your back! Selling an air carrier can be complex and overwhelming, and we've seen many owners get frustrated during the sales cycle. Some even hand over their Air Carrier Certificate to the FAA, which is a complete waste. But you don't have to go through this alone. We have a proven track record of successfully exiting an operation we built from scratch, and we've helped many founders and business owners like you navigate the complexities of the sale process. With our expertise, you can ensure that you keep all the money on the table and have a successful sale. So why delay? Schedule a call with us today, and we can make your air carrier sale a success story!


Pt.135 Aircraft Management

Looking for an FAA Part 135 operator to manage your aircraft and generate revenue from charters? We can help! We have a wide network of active and former Part 135 operators whom we've worked with in the past. Our network includes operators we've helped build from scratch and expanded to their current state. We never take commissions for introductions, as we're committed to helping our clients grow their operations, which ultimately supports our business. If you're interested in learning more about our Part 135 aircraft management services, please schedule a call with us or use the contact form via the buttons below.

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We are ENABLERS who intend to ensure your team has all the resources they need to generate successful results day in and day out.

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Our proven framework is easy to use and understand and keeps you and your team on track with clarity on where you're at and what's coming next.


Our methods are Scaleable to meet the needs of your operation over time as you grow and expand your Part 135 Air Charter Business. We work with operations of all sizes globally.

We've done it all, from Small Airplane Single Engine Land Piston and Turboprop FAA Part 135 On-Demand Air Charter Operators to Large Airplane Multi-Engine Land Turbojet and Helicopter/Rotor-Wing global operations with more than nine passenger seats
(10 or more Part 135 operations).

Whatever your ambitions may be, we've got you covered.

"These guys have taken the guesswork out of getting certified and operating in the pt. 135 space. Their approach allowed our team to lean the ins and outs of operating so that we were ready to launch operations as soon as OpSpecs were signed!"
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